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All services are billed on a monthly basis, with a minimum contract of 6 months.

Bronze Social Engagement Package:

Two social media management platforms and 1 monthly newsletter.


Silver Social Engagement Package:

Three social media platforms, and 2 monthly newsletters.


Gold Social Engagement Package:

Two social media platforms and 4 monthly newsletters.


Platinum Social Engagement Package:

A personalized media strategy that will suit your specific needs.


Work directly with Shantelle to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Together, we will work in depth on your message, strategy, and find the best methods to engage and grow your clientele. This service includes a mix of social media management, email marketing campaigns, custom content creation and scheduling.

Because of the detailed nature of this package, I will only collaborate with 4 platinum clients total, and I will only commit to a project if its right for both parties.

This package will also lock out my services to a direct competitor in your specific industry.

(i.e if you own a French restaurant in the Pocono’s, I will not take on a competing French restaurant as a client during the duration of our contract).

**Please note that anything divulged during our time working together will be completely confidential during and after our contractual agreement.

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